I've been retrenched now what?

Updated: Sep 9

Life after retrenchment does not have to be all gloom and doom. Yes, we did not plan for this and did not expect to be jobless! It's even more challenging in a world where the economy is struggling and some industries are shut down due to the worldwide pandemic, Covid19. I was working in the Travel and Tourism sector, which is still shutdown at the time of publishing this blog. With no hope of any hiring taking place in the industry soon, I had no choice but to adapt or perish.

Initially, I was devastated and didn't know what I would do with my life. No one seemed to be recruiting! After I got over the initial shock, it was time for me to face reality. What skills had I acquired all these years? What else could I learn whilst sitting at home? Having been in talent acquisition/ recruitment for close to 8 years, the path to take came naturally. I couldn't afford to pay for a professional website, so I self-taught through watching youtube videos. I then designed my own website and created it. That's when Red Deer Global Inc. was born.

Rebrand if you have to, learn new skills and get more knowledge. Refuse to play victim, although we all are victims of this pandemic, allow something positive to come out of this! What I also learnt is to reach out to my networks. Your network can keep you informed of new opportunities and also help to keep you sane.

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