How to prepare for a job interview

Updated: Sep 9

You've finally bagged an interview, yay!...Now what? You only get one chance to make a good impression, make sure that you prepare adequately to stay ahead of your peers. This article will highlight and provide tips on how to prepare before the interview.

Preparation is key, I cannot stress this enough. Here are 8 important tips to help you to ace that interview:

  1. Research the company, what do they do? What's the company culture like? Why do you want to join them? Search for information on their website and online. We live in a world where information is so readily available, you are expected to at least do this bare minimum in order for you to make it to the shortlist.

  2. Understand the role that you applied for and where your strengths lie. What makes you suitable for this role?

  3. Practise relevant interview questions based on the job, Lookup interview questions online.

  4. Who are you interviewing with? Do make sure that you do your homework, have a look at their LinkedIn profile or find them on their company website. You can always ask your contact to provide you with this information too.

  5. Make sure you have around 4 questions to ask

at the end of the interview, this shows that you're keen to join the organization

6. Know your CV in and out. Why did you leave each job?

7. Pick your outfit, have a look at their website to see how they dress, are they a corporate company or very casual?

8. If it's a virtual interview, you want to make sure that you're in a quiet place and you have good connection - still dress up for the occasion, at least the upper half of your body.... If you have to meetup in person, you can map out your journey to ensure that you arrive on time. Don't forget to ask about parking space beforehand, if you need it.

Now that the interview is over, be sure to send a thank you email a day or two after the interview - thanking them for their time and their interest in you. Now starts the waiting game, hopefully, you asked them when they will give you feedback at the end of the interview? If not, be sure to include the question in your thank you note! You've done your best at this point, and your hard work will pay off! Stay positive and whatever you do, don't stop applying for other roles until you get a written offer.

Good luck!

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