With the help of technology, nearly all lifestyle trends have evolved. From how we dress, eat, and communicate - all these are constantly changing. When working from home, we're in our comfortable clothes more often, we now order-in more often, due to the pandemic and trying to avoid sitting in restaurants. Moreover, we've embraced online platforms such as Zoom, Slack and Trello for work meetings and collaboration. Remote-working has been accelerated by the pandemic and seems to be part of our 'new normal'.

Business owners who are looking for top-tech talent for their organizations are facing different challenges. Primarily, this is because good tech professionals are very much in demand. Apart from a lucrative salary package, they also require new and differentiated employee perks and benefits - and an overall better working environment.


Most qualified candidates are not in a hurry to move, in fact, experienced professionals are usually well looked-after and at the same time, very sought-after! This makes them content to wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself.

The technology sector is facing a severe shortfall of good tech talent. Because of this, businesses in the technology sector need to apply innovation and creativity to develop fresh ways to not only attract, but to also retain their employees. What can technology companies reasonably do to set themselves apart?


Tech businesses can offer perks on the scale of Google, IBM, Microsoft and Apple. However, not every tech company is in a position to pull that off. What can startup businesses offer to compete in this environment? There are several valuable benefits that smaller tech companies can offer, to position themselves as employers of choice, such as an excellent career opportunity and professional development. Below is a list of three different ways in which you can attract top-tier candidates:

1. Broaden your Scope of Search:

It's worth remembering that top-notch tech candidates can be found anywhere in the world. If there's anything we learnt from the hard lockdowns during the pandemic, it's that we have to adapt and remain agile. A lot of organizations that already had remote work structures in place rose to the occasion far much quicker than their competitors.

Opening up your business to candidates located across the globe can mean that you’ll get at least a few applications from extremely talented techies who live far away. Office-bound work in the tech space, is quickly becoming outdated anyways. Startups that are open-minded to sourcing talent from around the world have found some rare gems and have remained competitive. Is there a compelling reason to limit yourself geographically, or are you just limiting yourself unnecessarily?

2. Make your Workplace Attractive:

Nobody likes to work in a bland environment. If you want to attract and hire the best people in the tech field, you need to make your workplace more attractive, fun and comfortable. Use of different ornaments and decorations in your office can make all the difference. Companies such as Google have made it fun to come to the office by offering free food and snacks, as well as offering a variety of games plus, health and wellness programs. By just creating a "happiness-boosting tradition" for employees, Google has managed to build a good employer brand.

For virtual workplaces:

  • Communication and collaboration are critical when teams are working remotely, so your tech tools have to enhance productivity and encourage innovation. Fortunately, there are some great ones available such as Jira, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, Asana, Google Drive and Zoom.

  • Sharing company news and information regularly is very valuable to ensure everyone remembers that they are part of something bigger, even as they toil away in their home office. Company updates create a sense of belonging.

  • Trust your team by opening up, leading by example and creating a safe environment for them. Trust is essential for an effective team and allows organizations and communities to flourish.

  • Be sure to build a good company culture and maintain a good company reputation. This is also good for staff retention.

3. Present them with better career advancement opportunities:

Make your company stand out from the crowd by making professional development a top priority.

Here are ways in which you can encourage development in your organization:

  • Emphasize opportunities for advancement.

  • Offer them a chance to work with new and advanced technologies.

  • Invest heavily in training and coaching activities.

  • Provide them with high impact work and continued learning opportunities.

  • Offer lots of professional development opportunities and they’ll apply. Many tech employees leave 'Big Tech' for a smaller company where they can move up quickly.

Key Takeaway: Top-tech talent is deciding between you, your competitors, and the 'Big Tech'. But you might just have more to offer than even Apple or Facebook!

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