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How do you find Top Talent in a competitive recruiting landscape? 

Red Deer Global attracts high-performing candidates by understanding their skills, strengths and also importantly, their motivation and goals. We are committed to being creative in all that we do, apart from attracting talent, we are adaptive, and agile!

Why you should work with Red Deer Global Inc.

Why Work With Us?

The world has been disrupted and it's time for change. In the recruitment space we strive to provide you with innovative solutions. Because we value our customers, we work hard to provide the excellent service they deserve. When Disruption Rules, Agility Is Key!!

What Makes Us Different?

We're different because we exist to empower humanity within their careers, and assist companies to get the best talent. 

Due to the pandemic and world recession it hasn't been easy for millions of people that have lost their livelihood, and now find themselves in the job market. Likewise, companies have had to change their recruitment strategies to align to the new normal. As RDG we're committed to meeting our customers' needs by providing them with the best talent, following through on promises and dedicating ourselves to unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our Team Skills

  • Certified Management Consultant

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

  •  Life Coach 

  • Software Developer 

Our Strategy

1. We make use of cutting-edge recruiting techniques allowing us to target job seekers in the way they search for jobs

2. Making use of creative and unconventional hiring methods such as case studies and job auditions

3. We attract high-performers by genuinely caring for them, constantly giving them feedback, consultations and advice

4. We conduct skills tests that are custom-built to measure specific candidate attributes which are designed to fit your business needs

5. We find the right talent and remain in contact with them in their career path, assisting with performance reviews and ensuring they are retained after they are placed

6. We have ongoing relations with our talent network in the Tech space, Financial services as well as Sales & Marketing.